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Probably our busiest season throughout the year is June to September treating spiders.

Though most spiders are venomous, of the thousands of species found in Canada, few are actually considered a health threat. In fact, spiders are actually helpful in controlling other pests in the home or garden since they feed on other insects and spiders. Spiders rarely bite humans.

Spiders are unpopular "hanging" around the house when they rob the home owner of enjoyable time outside. They also make a mess of structures with their webbing and droppings.

Our exterior spider sprays are complete treatments from the highest peak to the lowest foundation of your structure. We have all the right equipment to get where we need the treatment to go, with the correct amount of pressure to get it there. You'll be hard pressed to find a more thorough treatment anywhere. 
Spider Spraying starts in June. Get on our SPIDER SPRAY LIST:

To get on our Spider Spray list click the "contact us" button below and send your Name, Address, Phone and Email address. 

Once you're on the list you'll receive an email reminder every May letting you know we're starting sprays soon. 

Then if you would like to be scheduled for a spray in June, simply reply to the email and a date will be scheduled and sent to you.
We have two spider spray seasons, one in Spring and one in Fall