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Skunks love to live under structures and will burrow under sheds, homes, businesses, porches, decks, crawlspaces and woodpiles to create a home. They have large feet with well-developed claws that easily facilitate digging skunk holes to get to an ideal spot for denning.

Skunks are not easily trapped and often by the time they are, substantial damage has been done to lawns, insulation underneath additions, and of course, odour problems have likely occurred as well. 

Skunk odour (sulphuric acid) can penetrate through an eight-inch thick concrete wall and can bond to metals and fabrics, making it difficult to remove.

Skunks start the mating process in February and females produce a litter of 2-8 pups in about 10 weeks later. Female skunks only have one litter per year and their babies will not be independent until the following spring.
​Skunk Trapping and Proofing: Because skunks cannot climb, they are forced to live on the ground. This makes den sites limited so that tying to evict a skunk can be laborious. Skunk problems do not go away and the only way to stop a re-occurring problem is to install a permanent fixture to prevent infestation. 

Trapping and re-locating on it's own can be done but it's not a permanent solution. The skunks that are causing your problems are not the only ones in the neighbourhood. The situation is better understood and solved if you look at the den area as the problem, not the skunks! 

Skunk proofing is recommended to prevent further infestation. The saying goes "once a den always a den" so we recommend proofing with heavy gauge screening into the ground. This screen is installed in such a manner that prevents digging under it.

Skunk removal and proofing done simultaneously is a great option. Once the screen is in place, a special one-way door is installed to allow the skunk to exit. Once the skunk has moved on the one way door is removed and the screen stays installed permanently too prevent the problem from re-occurring.