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Some of Raccoons favorite habitats are the areas beneath porches and outbuildings, attics and chimneys.

​Raccoons mate from February to March, and the females carry their young for approximately 60 days. Most litters produces 3-5 five pups. At about 2 months of age, the young raccoons will begin accompanying their mother on outings to find food and will stay with mom for about one year. 

Raccoon removal begins with an inspection to determine the point of entry into the structure. A baited live trap is placed at this entry point and the raccoon is relocated once trapped.

In the spring, steps are taken to determine if there are any babies to be removed once mom is trapped. When mom leaves the den to feed and she's not available to protect her young, she will hide her young in a different spot from the one they are nesting making it more difficult to remove them.

It is always preferable and cost effective to trap mom before she has her young.