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Your Pest Control Solution
The following are the proofings we provide:

  • Rodent Proofing (mice)
  • Critter Proofing (around decks, sheds, porches and cement steps)
  • Bat Proofing
Proofing means sealing up all possible points of entry that allow an infestation into your home. The sealing can be done by a combination of several means including, Silicone, Foaming, Screening, Mesh, Vent covers, Chimney caps.

All proofing begins with an inspection of your home to determine the following:

If the structure can be rodent proofed

The entry points that need to be sealed

The cost involved

Please note there is a service call fee for all inspections.

Squirrels, raccoons and skunks are the most common critters that can structurally infest your home, garage, shed, deck or porch. This is most likely to happen in early spring when they are looking for safe havens to have their babies.

Squirrels and raccoons are primarily found infesting attics and can get between the floors of a home. 

Squirrels can gain access through dryer vents, stove exhaust vents, roof vents and fascia.

Raccoons will enter through roof vents, fascia and weak points in the structure.

Both squirrels and raccoons can infest chimneys that aren't capped.

Squirrels will chew their way into a structure and raccoons will lift, pull down or tear their way in. 

Skunks are typically found under decks, cement steps and sheds.

Holes in the roof visible from the ground, water damage around ceilings and walls, pest noises and problems with electrical fixtures or telephone lines could all be indications of the presence of squirrels or raccoons in your home.

Odor and burrowing are indications of a skunk infestation.

Please note that we are structural pest control which means we can take care of any infestations in, on or under your structures but we cannot trap critters that are freely passing through your property if they are not nesting; not even if they're helping themselves to snacks of grubs in your lawn or tasty morsels from your gardens.